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Television actor Ellie Gony breaks down on rumours of participating in Bigg Boss 14

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Television actor Eli Gony has reinforced rumours of participating in the popular reality show Bigg Boss 14.

However, he praised the concept of Bigg Boss and did not rule out the possibility of becoming a part of it in future.

Eli cannot be a part of Bigg Boss 14 as he will be busy with the Zee5 series ‘Zid’, which is the digital debut of producer Boney Kapoor.

In an interview, Eli said, ‘I am not doing Bigg Boss. The format and concept of Bigg Boss are fantastic and will make a splash in this season too.

I can do it in the future because they say ‘never say never’. He also talked about stubbornness, which he called a ‘big’ opportunity. ‘It also has Amit Sadh whom I like very much. Everyone has liked their work on the web platform ‘.

Rumours of joining Bigg Boss 14 gained momentum after a social media interaction with his co-star Karan Patel.

Last week Ellie shared a picture with her friends, to which Karan commented, “Where are you all?” Eli replied, “I will only be with you from next month.” This exchange was believed to confirm that they will appear together in Bigg Boss 14.

Salman Khan will return as host in Bigg Boss 14. He will host the show for the eleventh consecutive time this season.

Eli’s ‘stubbornness’ is the story of a couple whose never-say-die attitude helps them overcome many difficult situations and obstacles. The series includes action sequences and army missions.

In a statement, Bonnie said that she was overwhelmed with ‘Josh and tears’ after hearing the script of the show. ‘Jid’ is a great story of bravery and determination of our great Indian Army. And these are the times when this story is even more relevant.

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