Actress Shantipriya ready to go on Bigg Boss 14

Actress Shantipriya ready to go on Bigg Boss show

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Shantipriya, who debuted with actor Akshay Kumar from the film ‘Saugandh’, is in the news these days. It is discussed that he has been signed for the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14‘.

This means that she may be the first contestant of the coming season. However, no official announcement has been made about this yet. But Shantipriya is very supportive of going to ‘Bigg Boss’.

In conversation with Media, Shantipriya talked openly about her preparations and other things, from going to the family’s reactions to going to the show. Shantipriya said, ‘My children will be very happy if I go to Bigg Boss house. I was at home for so many years. Was taking care of them. I used to live in South Bombay.

That area is very posh, but I wanted my children to work hard and move as we did. I wanted to teach my children the way we worked hard and made a name for myself. Because of that, I used to care about them a lot. Because of that, I became far away from the film industry.

‘When the children asked me if you get the offer of’ Bigg Boss ‘, will you do it, I said,’ Yes if it comes, I will definitely do it. I want a lot Those people are very happy for me.

The children also say that if you are able to reach here by doing a lot of struggle and fighting, then you will be able to handle the Young Generation equally in the house of Bigg Boss. Now go to Big Boss and teach them all that life is.” Shantipriya said, on the question asked about any special preparations to go to Bigg Boss house,“ I am the Bigg Boss Proper audience. I do not leave a single episode. If something comes up, I put that episode in the recording. Then I see him later.

The ‘Bigg Boss’ reality show has always been in the news about fights and other controversies. If Shantipriya’s confirmation in ‘Bigg Boss’ is confirmed, then how will she handle everything? Shantipriya said, ‘Bigg Boss is a reality show and in real life, I have become a daughter, become an artist, wife-in-law, and mother-in-law. So all these characters happen in reality shows and I have done all this in real. I am confident that I will be able to handle all the people well even in the Bigg Boss house.”

However, Shantipriya also said that as long as love works, she will remain a goddess but if needed she will be a goddess Kali or Durga. Will also be made. ‘When the opportunity came to quarrel in Bigg Boss’s house and there were fights, then I will become Goddess Kali. As much as I can become a goddess, I will make love with love, because the audience has seen me in that form. But when more is done then Goddess has also taken form, then I will also become Goddess Durga. ‘

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