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Shadow of Corona on Bigg Boss Season 14

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Corona is set to have an impact on Bigg Boss season 14. Looking at Coronavirus, the show’s makers are currently facing some questions, which are being considered. For example, how will social distancing in the house be followed, how will food and kitchens and washrooms be arranged for all the contestants?

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The reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’ has been in the news for a long time. Many types of news are coming out from the names of contestants to their Korana investigation and the theme of the show. And now there has been news about the fees of Salman Khan, the host of the show.

Salman Khan has been hosting ‘Bigg Boss’ for the last 10 seasons and his fees have been increasing with each season. According to reports, Salman Khan had charged 13-14 crores per episode for ‘Bigg Boss 13’ and now the fees have increased for the 14th season. It is being said that Salman Khan will get 16 crore fees per episode for ‘Bigg Boss 14’. According to this, Salman Khan will earn at least 416 crores in the entire season.

Actually, in any season of ‘Bigg Boss’, Salman Khan only comes on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday. Accordingly, Salman Khan will appear in the show 8 times in a month. Usually ‘Bigg Boss’ runs for 3 months and according to this, Salman Khan will appear in a total of 24 episodes. There will also be an opening and a grand finale episode. That is, Salman will be in 26 episodes of ‘Bigg Boss 14’. If Salman will charge 16 crores for an episode, then his entire season’s earnings will be at least 416 crores.

According to reports, Salman charged 2.5 crores per episode from the fourth season of the show to the sixth season, which was increased to 5 crores in the seventh season. From ‘Bigg Boss 9’ to the 12th season, Salman Khan charged 7 to 8 crores per episode. It is now reported that Salman has increased his fees for ‘Bigg Boss 14’. This time there is talk of him getting a fee of 16 crores per episode. However, it has not been officially confirmed yet.

At the same time, a few days ago there was news that all the contestants who went to ‘Bigg Boss 14’ would be screened and screened for coronavirus first. Only contestants whose report will come negative will get entry inside the house. According to reports, the team shortlisted 30 people for ‘Bigg Boss 14’, out of which 16 people have been finalized. 13 of these 16 people will be celebrities while 3 are commoners.

Talking about the contestants, apart from Akshay Kumar’s first co-star Shantipriya, ‘Anguri Bhabhi’ Shubhangi Atre, TV actress Mahika Sharma, ‘Hamari Bahu Silk’ fame actor Jan Khan, Shagun Pandey, and many more celebrities Discussion. But there is no official confirmation about the final contestants yet.

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