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This contestant of Bigg Boss wants to do all kinds of roles

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Shahnaz Gill, who won the hearts of people with his performances in ‘Bigg Boss 13’, is a bit upset these days. The way Shehnaz entertained people and always smiled in ‘Bigg Boss’, she impressed the audience as well as the show’s host Salman Khan.

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But Shahnaz is beginning to feel that people will probably forget him soon.

Shahnaz is very sad that he could not do as he had thought. In an interview, Shahnaz said that he thought that after ‘Bigg Boss 13’ he will be flooded with work, but Shahnaz feels that people will forget him when the new season of ‘Bigg Boss’ comes, because this craze is very rare Is for the time being.

Shahnaz further said that he felt that after ‘Big Boy 13’ he would do a lot of work but it did not happen. However, he also said that if people felt that he was really talented and would remember, he would definitely get work. Shahnaz also said that if he is fit for some work and he has good luck, he will definitely get work.

Asked what kind of work she wants to do in the future, Shehnaz said that people still feel that Shehnaaz only comes to gidda while she can do different types of roles. Shehnaz further said that she wants to do everything. She wants to do all kinds of work so that people know that she can do anything.

Please tell that Shahnaz is living in Mumbai. Now she has shifted there. Let me tell you that after ‘Bigg Boss 13’ Shahnaz Gill was seen in ‘Mujhe Mujhse Shaadi Karogae’, where she went to find a groom for herself.

Apart from this, Siddharth appeared in a music video with Shukla and Jassi Gill. Her music video ‘Kaha Gayi Sorry’ with Jassi Gill was released only a few days ago, while the song ‘Bhula Dega’ with Siddharth Shukla has been released. Both music videos were well received by the fans.

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